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Makeventor Smart Keys Starter Kit

Makeventor Smart Keys is an electronic invention kit for all ages. Makeventor allows you to combine everyday objects with computers. You can control your computer keyboard such as space bar, arrow keys and left mouse click using your alligator cables connected to any conductive material.

With this kit, you can make your computer perceive many functions that you can think of as a keyboard. You can support your children to develop their creativity with this kit that does not require programming and breadboard. This kit, which is suitable for all children of primary school age, allows them to have a pleasant time while raising the inventors of the future. Electronic applications that children meet from an early age enrich their creativity. Makeventor kit will be a very important step in this field.

What is Makeventor Smart Keys Starter Kit?

Makeventor Board is a two-sided circuit board. On the simpler top, Makeventor has 6 entries: up/down/left/right keys as well as space and mouse left click. You can use your alligator cables to clip the pairs of holes. Flipping the Makeventor Board upside down gives you access to 12 more keys: W, A, S, D, F, and G on the keyboard side and up/down/left/right mouse movement and left/right clicks on the mouse side. The lower header has six ground outputs, while the top header is an expansion/output header. There are also several LEDs on the back that indicate whether you are pressing the mouse or the keyboard key.

Makeventor Smart Keys Starter Kit Technical Specifications:

  • It has 6 input ports.
  • It provides an Arduino compatible control unit.
  • It has high resistance switches.
  • It can turn anything into a keyboard.

Makeventor Board Dimensions:

makeventor-smart-tuslar-starter-set-dimensions.jpg (16 KB)

What Can Be Done with Makeventor Smart Keys Set?

The sky is the limit when it comes to Makeventor!

It can be connected to almost anything as long as it can conduct some electricity; You can tie a banana and play the piano, or you can connect your alphabet-shaped play dough and write a message. Even better, if you've included Scratch or Arduino in your classroom, you can do more advanced coding and hardware lessons with Makeventor. You can use Makeventor like a science lab. How big or small the projects will be is entirely up to you. If you want, your project can even take up a room (like using stairs as piano keys) or a small table top can suffice for your project.

1. A Simple Circuit: For students new to the inputs and outputs of electrical circuits, you can start with a simple circuit building project. By including parallel circuits, you can see how students will work on more complex projects. Even such a simple project has no limits.

2. Playing the Piano: You can use the Makeventor Project Kit as a simple piano keys app to add some music to your lesson. First, open a computer program or any web page. Then plug the USB cable into Makeventor and connect it to anything using the switch terminals on the back, a wire and your alligator cables. You can use it with many different foods (marshmallows, pasta) or play dough. 

To make a more complex piano application, you can create your own piano application using Scratch or other similar programs. You can also make this project as complex as you want to appeal to the imagination and talent of your students.

3. Dance Floor: You can create your own dance floor using buckets filled with water or foil and cardboard. This app is a fun activity aimed at getting kids moving while learning.

4. You can also use the Makeventor Project Kit to play an online Pacman game. First, open a Pacman game with help from Google. Then you can play the game by drawing a controller with your pencil and touching the drawings.

How to Install Makeventor SmartKeys Starter Kit?

  • Plug in the USB cable.
  • Close the window that opens: Your computer may prompt you to install a driver or make other settings. You can close the window. You don't need to install any software or make any settings.
  • Connect the ground: Connect an alligator cable to the ground on the front of the Makeventor.
  • Connect one end of the grounding to yourself: Hold the metal piece at the other end of your alligator cable between your fingers. In this way, you will have grounded.
  • Make a link to the blank space on the Makeventor Board and try.
  • Connect items and unleash your creativity!

Makeventor Smart Keys Starter Kit Package Contents:

  • 1 x Makeventor Board
  • 1 x Data Cable
  • 10 x Jumper Cable
  • 6 x Crocodile Cable

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Makeventor Smart Keys Starter Kit
Makeventor Smart Keys Starter Kit
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