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MindioBOX Insect Robot

Little engineers at work!

  • How can a robot step like an insect?
  • How should I use the angle on the legs of the robot?
  • How can I speed up or slow down the movement?

Get ready to explore electronics, energy transformations, friction force as you assemble specially designed parts as you build the insect robot. Enrich your experience by changing the positions and angles of the pieces.


Benefits of MindioBOX Stem Sets for Children:

  • The ability to follow directions, pay attention and concentrate develops.
  • Develops the ability to establish cause-effect relationships.
  • An infrastructure that can make technological design is formed.
  • Understands the properties of materials and movement mechanisms of objects.
  • It significantly increases creativity and analytical thinking skills.
  • Develops hand-eye coordination and muscle skills.
  • It makes learning permanent.


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What is The Aim of This Box For Children to Learn?

  • It could explain that a battery stores energy that can be used to start the engine.
  • It can explain that electrical circuits convert chemical energy stored in batteries into mechanical energy.
  • Can explain the material properties of circuit elements such as batteries, cables, motors, switches and why they are produced from those materials.
  • Explain the energy transformations that take place in the Astronaut Robot.
  • It can make changes in the circuit that will change the direction of the Robot's Movement.
  • Explains that it can determine the step size of the parts required for the translation of the rotation movement.


MindioBOX Insect Robot Package Contents:

  • Wooden Parts
  • Plastic Parts
  • Eva Parts
  • Paper Parts
  • Metal Parts
  • Adhesive Parts
  • Engine
  • Battery
  • Battery Bed
  • Installation Guide

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Insect Robot - D.I.Y
Insect Robot - D.I.Y
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