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Frisbee Vending Machine - D.I.Y

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  • MindioBOX Frisbee Vending Machine

    Little engineers at work!

    • How can a robot activate another sense?
    • Does the shape and weight of the material that the robot throws affect the flight?
    • What changes can I make to increase the range?

    Get ready to explore electronics, energy conversions, and friction as you assemble custom-designed parts as you build the Frisbee automaton. Enrich your experience by changing the positions and angles of the pieces.


    Benefits of MindioBOX Stem Sets for Children:

    • The ability to follow directions, pay attention and concentrate develops.
    • Develops the ability to establish cause-effect relationships.
    • An infrastructure that can make technological design is formed.
    • Understands the properties of materials and movement mechanisms of objects.
    • It significantly increases creativity and analytical thinking skills.
    • Develops hand-eye coordination and muscle skills.
    • It makes learning permanent.


    20562.jpg (83 KB)


    What is The Aim of This Box For Children to Learn?

    • Explain that aerodynamic forces are related to the shapes of the objects.
    • It could explain that a battery stores energy that can be used to start the engine.
    • It can explain that electrical circuits convert chemical energy stored in batteries into mechanical energy.
    • Can explain the material properties of circuit elements such as batteries, cables, motors, switches and why they are produced from those materials.
    • Can explain the energy transformations in Frisbee Vending Machine.
    • Define the elements of electrical circuits and construct a new circuit.


    MindioBOX Frisbee Vending Machine Package Contents:

    • Wooden Parts
    • Plastic Parts
    • Eva Parts
    • Paper Parts
    • Metal Parts
    • Adhesive Parts
    • Engine
    • Battery
    • Battery Bed
    • Installation Guide


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