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Ender 3 Neo 3D Printer

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  • Ender 3 Neo 3D Printer

    Meet Ender 3 Neo, the new model of the Ender 3 series! Ender 3 Neo highlights;

    • CR Touch for Easier Grading
    • Enjoy Quiet Printing
    • Fast Heat Dissipation
    • Full Metal Extruder for Smooth Feeding
    • Reliable Printing with a Durable Build Surface
    • Improved Balance with Mold Springs
    • No Fear of Outages!

    1.jpeg (262 KB)

    CR Touch for Easier Grading

    The self-developed CR Touch enables automatic leveling by adjusting the height between the nozzle and the platform, making leveling easier and more accurate.

    123.jpeg (50 KB)


    Enjoy Quiet Printing

    With a quiet motherboard, the low decibel has less impact on work or study and creates a comfortable printing environment.

    ender-3-neo-3d-yazici-8.jpeg (554 KB)


    Fast Heat Dissipation

    The corrugated heat sink enlarges the radiated area. Rapid heat dissipation greatly reduces the risk of tube clogging.

    ender-3-neo-3d-yazici-9.jpeg (957 KB)


    Full Metal Extruder for Smooth Feeding

    Full mental extruder is more durable. Stronger extrusion force ensures smooth feeding.


    ender-3-neo-3d-yazici-10.jpeg (423 KB)

    Reliable Printing with a Durable Build Surface

    The durable carborundum construction surface with uniform heating reduces the risk of warping. Strong adhesion ensures the stability and quality of the print.


    ender-3-neo-3d-yazici-11.jpeg (560 KB)

    Improved Balance with Mold Springs

    Alloy steel die springs with good toughness give better support to the platform, guaranteeing the printing quality.

    ender-3-neo-3d-yazici-12.jpeg (470 KB)


    No Fear of Outages

    The print resume function can save data accurately and resume printing, avoiding printing errors and material waste.

    ender-3-neo-3d-yazici-13.jpeg (448 KB)

    Ender 3 Neo Technical Specifications:

    ender-3-neo-3d-yazici-15.jpeg (75 KB)

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