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Cactus Micro ESP8266

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  • Cactus Micro is a WiFi connected Arduino board. ATmega32u4 microcontroller and ESP8266 WiFi modul are available on the board. Board is small sized, so you can easily integrate projects which you have lack of space.

    • Internal ESP8266 (ESP-3) WiFi modul (Communicate with Arduino via Serial1 port)
    • ATmega32u4, 3.3V 8MHz microcontroller
    • Compatible with Arduino IDE 1.0.6 and over version (Choose LilyPad USB as board)
    • 4 10-bit ADC port
    • 12 digital I/O port (5 of these ports are PWM ports)
    • RX and TX serial communication

    Note: Arduino D13 pin is plugged to CH_PD pin of ESP8266. If you want to activate ESP modul, you should set as HIGH D13 output.
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