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BenMaker Wood Design and Forming Set

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  • This product aims to develop children's handicrafts, to make production and to increase their capacity. Children can imagine the wooden products they imagine using a saw, sander, and drill.

    Kids are making a real dream with the wooden shaping set. They produce with imagination, they develop as they produce.They reinforce hand-eye-brain coordination.

    BenMaker Wood Design and Forming Set Content:

    • BenMaker Lathe Module
    • BenMaker Sanding Saw Module
    • BenMaker Drill Module
    • BenMaker Exhibition Table - (Massive - 80cm x 60cm)

    *Products are 100% Domestic Production.

    *All BenMaker products are guaranteed for 2 + 1 years.

    *The BenMaker Wood Design and Shaping Set comes in a ready-to-use way.

    BenMaker Wood Design and Forming Set Gains:

    • Improve their imagination and aesthetic perceptions,
    • Positive self-development through production,
    • Acquainted with century production skills,
    • To have creative awareness and to be conscious of the project which can be embodied,
    • Formation of occupational safety awareness,
    • Use theoretical knowledge in practice,
    • To produce innovative solutions to problems,
    • To be able to establish cause-effect relationship about certain situations and events,
    • Development of goal setting and time management,
    • It is aimed to increase their attention.
    • Using small muscles makes movements that require a certain force.
    • Performs certain movements that require hand and eye coordination.
    • It processes the materials in the desired quality.
    • It brings together objects to form new shapes.
    • Experience woodworking techniques using turning, vertical saw and drill.
    • It recognizes, intensifies and tells the object, event and situation that need attention.
    • Take necessary measures for safe working environments.
    • Decides the appropriate method of convergence of the whole.
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