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Bakon T-12 -B Soldering Tip 1 piece


Bakon T-12 -B Soldering Iron Tip offers a fast thermal conductivity with maximum anti-sovereign feature, humidity performance, temperature control capability. It has high insulation isolation thanks to the internal resistance and sensor. In addition, thanks to the coatings on the objects of the soldering iron, it prevents the restrictions of the solder's ability to move when soldering.


Bakon T-12 -B Soldering Tip Uses:

  • Electronic Product Repair
  • In Assembly and Soldering Works


Bakon T-12 -B Soldering Iron Tip Technical Specifications:

  • Model: T-12 -B
  • Material: Steel
  • Description: Internal Resistance Soldering Iron Tip


Bakon T-12 -B Soldering Tip Compatible Soldering Iron Station Models:

bakon-t-12-b-lehimleme-havya-ucu-tablo-ing.jpg (58 KB)

Bakon T-12 -B Soldering Tip Package Contents:

  • 1 Piece Bakon T-12 -B Soldering Iron Tip
Bakon T-12 -B Soldering Tip - 1 pc 1 piece
Bakon T-12 -B Soldering Tip - 1 pc 1 piece
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404.79 TL
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