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Trimpots, voltage divider and contrast adjustment circuits are used in circuits which need to be adjusted precisely and resistance adjustment is not required.

Technical specifications:

  • Resistance Value: 47K
  • Trimpot Type: Vertical
  • Resistance Change: Linear
  • Total Resistance Tolerance:  ±20%
  • Rated Power: 0.15W(50C)
  • Max Operating Voltage: 200V DC
  • Rotation of Noise(TThe murmur will appear when shaft turn from
    terminal 1 to terminal 3 by 30 rounds/minute
    equably speed): ≤47mV
  • Electrical Rotation angle: 220°±20°
  • Rotation torque (Rotational torque when turn the shaft :without special provision, rotational speed is 60°/s in ambient temperature 5-35°C ): 0.3-2.0Ncm 
  • Stop torque (The force that shaft transfer from terminal 1 to stop point or terminal 3 to stop point after 10 seconds until be break ):  >5Ncm 
  • Rotation life: 10000 Rot.

Technical Drawing:

Technical Documents:

47K Trimpot (Vertical) - PT10
47K Trimpot (Vertical) - PT10
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