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3D Pen Printer - D14 White

With the 3D Pen Printer, you can turn your dream designs into reality. In addition, you can repair the materials that need repair and decorate the items you want. Using the same technology as 3D printers, these devices allow you to work with PLA and ABS filament types, operating at temperatures between 60-230 degrees. This 3D printer pen, which has a ceramic nozzle tip and a clear and fast OLED screen that will increase the quality of your designs, is sent as a gift in 3 colors in the package content.

3 Color Filament Set Gift!

d14-3d-kalem-yazici-2.jpg (98 KB)
d14-3d-kalem-yazici-acklma1.jpg (83 KB)
d14-3d-kalem-yazici-acklma.jpg (36 KB)

3D Pen Printer Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage: 12V/DC
  • Print Size: Unlimited
  • Suitable Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Nozzle Outlet Diameter: 0.7mm
  • Suitable Filament Types: PLA, ABS

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3D Pen Printer - D14 White (Colored Filament Set with Gift)
3D Pen Printer - D14 White (Colored Filament Set with Gift)
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