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3.5mm Cardboard(45 pcs)

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3.5mm Cardboard(45 pcs)

Cardboard is a material made of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two sheets of flat linerboards. Cardboard was invented more than a hundred years ago. It is a low-cost, strong and light-weight material that is easy to process. Also, it is an environment-friendly material as over 80% of cardboard sheets can be recycled. Cardboard is widely used in laser engraving and DIY projects, and STEAM education workshops.


  • Circular barcode labels are attached to the products. Laserbox can automatically identify the barcodes, allowing users to skip manual setup.
  • Flat, high-density, high-strength, easy to fold, low-cost, environment-friendly
  • The cardboard can be used in model-making, DIY, laser engraving projects and other types of crafts.

Package Dimension:

- Height/Width/Length : 308 x170 x 228mm ; 12.13 x 6.69 x 8.98 inch

Product Dimension:

-Height/Width/Length : 297 x 210 x 3mm

-Gross Weight : 1980g

-Part list : 45 x 3.5mm Cardboard

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3.5mm Cardboard(45 pcs)
3.5mm Cardboard(45 pcs)
887.02 TL + VAT
1,064.42 TL
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