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4 inch Resistive Touch Screen LCD, HDMI interface, Designed for Raspberry Pi


  • 800×480 high resolution
  • Resistive touch control
  • IPS technology, high quality and perfect displaying from very wide viewing angle
  • Compatible and Direct-connect with any revision of Raspberry Pi (except the Pi 1 model B or Pi Zero, which requires an HDMI cable)
  • Drivers provided (works with your own Raspbian/Ubuntu directly)
  • Also works as a computer monitor, in this case, touch panel is unavailable and HDMI cable is required
  • HDMI interface for displaying, no I/Os required (however, the touch panel still needs I/Os)
  • Back light control to lower power consumption

3.5 - 5.0 inches
WaveShare 4inch HDMI LCD, 800×480, IPS
WaveShare 4inch HDMI LCD, 800×480, IPS
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