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TL866ll Plus Universal USB Programmer (With ICSP Feature )

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: 2,161.91 TL + VAT
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: 2,594.29 TL
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Through TL866A you can program various microntrollers via a single board. A ICSP output is available on board. Also EEPROM, EPROM and FLASH ICs can be programmed. List of the supported products are shown in the documents.


  • 40-pins zıf socket is available on programmer. Programmer is automatical completely and supports fast SPI feature.
  • Fast programming feature for AVR microcontollers
  • Can program all 8-bit Microchip PICs
  • High speed BIOS chip programming feature
  • Car and computer chips can be programmed
  • Board can be supplied via USB, no other external supply is needed.
  • High current and high voltage protection feature
  • TTL Chip Control Feature
  • Supports 1300 ve above implementations component.
  • Easy usage with computer software.

Package Includes:
  • MiniPRO TL866A programmer board
  • USB Cable
  • ICSP Cable

Setup and usage of MiniPRO compıter software



TL866ll Plus Universal USB Programmer (With ICSP Feature )
TL866ll Plus Universal USB Programmer (With ICSP Feature )
2,161.91 TL + VAT
2,594.29 TL
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