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Tassol Solder Cream 50gr (Sn62Ag2Pb36)

Tassol Solder Cream is a type of solder that is generally preferred for soldering smd components. Also, the product is lead free. It has a long life if it is stored according to proper storage conditions. (The product is sent as 50 grams.)

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Tassol Solder Cream 50gr (Sn62Ag2Pb36) Features:

  • Product name: Tassol Solder Cream 500gr (Sn99Cu07Ag0,3)
  • Color: Metal Silver
  • Fragrance: Odorless
  • Glare and Burn: None
  • Melt Damage Point: 217-220°C
  • Shelf Life: It should be stored at 5 °C - 10 °C in a cool and dry environment.
Lehim Tipi
Krem Lehim
Tassol Solder Cream 50gr (Sn62Ag2Pb36)
Tassol Solder Cream 50gr (Sn62Ag2Pb36)
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