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Anti Static Functioned Black Desoldering Pump is used to clean and desolder circuit's components solders.

There are body with strong spring in it, a button on top to compress the spring, another mini button on middle to release the spring and a plastic tip to suck solder.
Push the top button to its slot which goes through the middle of pump and place it with click sound. So that the pump is set. Get the pump's sucker tip close the solder which is heated with soldering iron and press the button on the middle. Therefore spring is released and top button goes back to starting position fast. By this move, melted solder ends up in the pump because of the created low pressure on sucker tip.

Proskit 8PK-366NA Antistaic Desoldering Pump
Proskit 8PK-366NA Antistaic Desoldering Pump
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