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REX Evolution Series Super Star Transformers - 8 in 1 V2

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  • REX Evolution Serisi Super Star Transformers - 8 in 1 V2

    REX is an educational robot kit developed by Robotistan R&D team. The 8in1 robot kit, with its motherboard using the ESP32 infrastructure, eliminates the difficulties encountered in circuit setup such as port and cable confusion. However, Arduino IDE, Thonny IDE and MicroBlocks IDE provide the user with great flexibility in programming.

    The REX card is a special card designed to make the mechanical and electronic installation of the robots in the 8 in 1 set more convenient. This board, which uses the ESP32E processor, has connectors to easily connect all the components used in the REX 8 in 1 set to the circuit with a single cable.

    4 motor driver and servo motor connectors to make the installation and circuit designs of 8 in 1 robots easier on the REX board, 1 connection connector for each to connect the HC-SR04, IR and MPU6050 sensors, to connect a 12v battery to the circuit externally port and 1 buzzer and switch integrated into the card.

    rex-evolution-serisi-8in1-v2.jpeg (3.90 MB)


    ArmBot is a REX robot that enables the objects around it to be moved from one point to another by remote control, thanks to its robot arm. The robot arm on ArmBot consists of 3 servo motors. It can move in 4 different axes, up, down, right and left, and can easily reach objects in hard-to-reach areas with the movement of ArmBot.

    rex-evolution-serisi-8in1-v2-1.jpeg (1.44 MB)


    BalanceBot is a special robot that can stay in balance despite physical interventions thanks to the acceleration sensor on the REX card. You can use BalanceBot in situations where you need to move objects in balance.


    Thanks to its special omni wheels, OmniBot provides easy access to every point without making any turning movements. You can reach hard-to-reach spots very easily using OmniBot. This robot is designed to reach hard-to-reach spots.

    Omni wheels combine 360 degrees of freedom of movement with the rigidity of a fixed mount. This is achieved with a design that uses integrated rollers instead of a rotary mount. In this way, OmniBot provides advantages such as 360° maneuverability, better directional control-tracking and precise positioning.

    rex-evolution-serisi-8in1-v2-2.jpeg (9.50 MB)


    RoverBot is a REX robot that allows you to move comfortably in difficult terrain conditions thanks to its crawler structure. With RoverBot, you can perform missions that require rough, challenging terrain. Like other REX 8-in-1 robots, you can control the RoverBot remotely or move it autonomously with the code you write in it.

    rex-evolution-serisi-8in1-v2-3.jpeg (4.46 MB)


    SonicBot detects objects by emitting sound waves, thanks to the distance sensor on it, and can perform different functions by using its mechanical properties according to the values it senses. You can avoid obstacles using SonicBot. You can use SonicBot for tasks that require you to detect objects in the environment.

    rex-evolution-serisi-8in1-v2-4.jpeg (7.36 MB)


    Thanks to its HC-SR04 distance sensor and line follower sensor, SumoBot detects other objects on the track it is on. Thanks to its line-follower sensor, SumoBot detects whether it is on the track and thus carries the objects off the track.

    rex-evolution-serisi-8in1-v2-5.jpeg (9.90 MB)


    Thanks to the TrackerBot line tracking sensor, it emits infrared lights and follows the black lines in the environment. We can enable TrackerBot to perform the tasks we want autonomously by using the mechanical features of TrackerBot on the path we have created with lines. We can also change the color TrackerBot tracks by modifying the code. In order to make this change, we can examine the values detected by the line following sensor, determine the required value range for the color we want, and change these values in the code.

    rex-evolution-serisi-8in1-v2-6.jpeg (8.66 MB)


    WiBot is a REX 8-in-1 robot for autonomous driving that does not contain any extra sensors and only allows remote control. After completing the WiBot installation, you will not have any difficulties with the circuit installation. After connecting the 4 connector cables required for the motor to the REX board, you can perform tasks that require remote control by using the electronic features of the REX board and the mechanical features of the WiBot without adding any extra sensors to the circuit.

    rex-evolution-serisi-8in1-v2-7.jpeg (6.01 MB)

    Çizgi İzleyen Sensör:

    Line following sensors detect the presence of a black line by emitting infrared (IR) light and detecting light levels. They do this using two components:

    • an emitter
    • A light sensor (receiver)

    rex-evolution-serisi-8in1-v2-8.jpeg (936 KB)

    How to Use Line Sensor?

    You know a little more about how the line following sensor works, now you have to learn how to use it. The line follower sensor also has a set of pins that you need to connect to the Raspberry Pi you are using:

    • The VCC must be connected to a voltage between 3.3 and 5V to power the device.
    • GND is the ground pin required to complete the circuit.
    • AO is analog output (this pin does not work with Raspberry Pi.).
    • DO is digital output pin (this pin will work with Raspberry Pi.).

    REX Card


    ESP32 WROOM 32E Pin Diyagram:


    Warning! Please do not connect external battery if you use 18650 battery while using the board.


    • Line follower Sensor
    • REX Card

    • ArmBot
    • BalanceBot
    • OmniBot
    • RoverBot
    • SonicBot
    • SumoBot
    • TrackerBot
    • WiBot

    github-click.jpg (33 KB)
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