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Raspberry Pi Official Touch Display

Raspberry Pi
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Expected display is in stocks!

The display that is produced by Raspberry Pi official manufacturer is in our stocks now. The display uses a DSI connector which is on the Raspberry Pi. So, it does not occupy HDMI port and GPIO pins.


  • RGB 800×480 resolution, 60 fps support
  • 24-bit color depth
  • FT5406 capacitive touch support up to 10 points through to a touch controller.
  • 70° visual angle
  • Metal back plate with screw holes for mounting the Raspberry Pi

Driver board that is came with the display, is connecting to Raspberry Pi with a ribbon cable which are came from DSI connector. There are several different options for the display's power connection:
  • Using another micro USB type power source: You will need one more power supply except the power source which feeds your Raspberry Pi with this method.
  • Supplying the display thorugh on Raspberry Pi: Connecting the one of the another micro USB cable's end to USB A type connector which is on the board and connecting the another end to Raspberry Pi's micro USB power input. In this way, when you make a connetion, you should connect it to micro USB socket which is on the a micro USB adapter with a higher amperage rating on the driver board.
  • Using the GPIO pins: Connecting the 5V and GND GPIO pins which are on the Raspberry Pi to 5V and GND pins on the driver with jumpers. With this method, you will need to use power source with a high current because one power source will supply display+driver and Raspberry Pi.

You need the latest version of the Raspbian distribution for using the display. You can update with the following commands:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo reboot

After the updating, your Raspberry Pi will detect your display automatically and it will use this output instead of HDMI. If you want to continue to use the HDMI output as the default display, it is necessary to add the following line to /boot/config.txt file.
It supports the use of multiple displays at the same time. For example, to play a video in the default displays (if we did not change the settings, this display is our touch display), you need to enter the following command.
omxplayer video.mkv
Then, to play a video on a second display which is connected with HDMI interface, you need the enter following command.
omxplayer --display=5 video.mkv

5.0 inches and above
Raspberry Pi Official Touch Display
Raspberry Pi Official Touch Display
2,641.66 TL + VAT
3,169.99 TL
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