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Pneumatic push-in fitting PC4-M6

Pneumatic push-in fitting PC4-M6, It is a product used to connect the Teflon pipe found in 3D printers to the hotend or extruder pusher. It is suitable for polyurethane or nylon pipes and is made of nickel and plated brass. In addition, when the black part on the product is pressed, you can easily insert and remove the pipe.

Pneumatic plug-in connector PC4-M6 Technical Specifications;

  • Screw Diameter: M6 (6mm)
  • No extra tools required.
  • It is corrosion resistant.
  • Polyurethane and nylon tubing are compatible.
  • The pipe can be easily attached and removed.
Pneumatic Snap Fitting PC4-M6
Pneumatic Snap Fitting PC4-M6
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