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micro:GamePad V4.0 Joystick (For Micro:Bit)

How about controlling your robot with a remote you programmed yourself? If your answer is yes, meet the Micro:bit-based specially designed game controller. You will be able to control your projects as you wish with this controller, which has the joystick, buttons and features that we are accustomed to seeing from the new generation game controllers.

There is 1 joystick and 7 buttons on the joystick where you can assign different tasks. Vibration motor, buzzer and LED on the remote are other components that you can program. The plexi plate that comes with the card protects the controller from possible physical damage and offers a comfortable use.

To turn your Micro:bit card into a wireless controller, all you have to do is plug the Micro:bit into the socket on the joystick and program it. You can use a block-based platform such as MakeCode or Python to program the board.

To install the product library on the MakeCode platform:

Sign in to MakeCode. Go to the "Advanced" menu at the bottom and click "Add Package". Then paste the following github link in the search box and click the box after the search to complete the installation.

Library Github Link:

Note: Batteries and micro:bit are not included in the package content. You can access the micro:bit development board by clicking here.

micro:GamePad V4.0 Joystick (For Micro:Bit) Features:

  • Power: 3V DC (2 x AAA Batteries)
    LED: P16
    Vibration motor: P12
    Buzzer: P0
    1 joystick and 7 buttons that you can make different assignments
    Comfortable use with protective plate
    Size: 148 x 57mm

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micro:GamePad V4.0 Joystick (For Micro:Bit)
micro:GamePad V4.0 Joystick (For Micro:Bit)
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