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Jimihome 15cm CRV Steel Pickaxe

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Jimihome 15cm CRV Steel Pliers


Jimihome 15cm CRV Steel Pickaxe is generally used to see and clamp fine lines. There are thread-cutting holes in the rear-end clamping holes to smooth lines. Thanks to the clamping holes on both sides, it is quite symmetrical and the product to be used can be clamped according to the need. While the fixed spindle part is quite tight, the end edge of the cutting pliers has a sharp hardness, so even the piece of A4 paper can be easily cut. There is also a traditional Φ2mm and Φ3mm nail outlet slot under the tooth blade, where nails can be expanded. The cutting edge is designed with a Φ1.8mm stripping hole, suitable for stripping some wires. Combined with soft and hard layers, the grip is non-slip and comfortable to tear. Against the possibility of rust, polishing process was applied together with the extra black coating process.

Jimihome 15cm CRV Steel Pickpocket Technical Specifications:


  • Material: Steel
  • Alloy: CRV + TPR
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Size: 166x58x18mm
Jimihome 15cm CRV Steel Pickaxe
Jimihome 15cm CRV Steel Pickaxe
424.02 TL + VAT
508.83 TL
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