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HoloCode which is wireless networked single board computer is now Turkey via Robotistan !!!

Makeblock HaloCode is a powerful single board computer, with built-in Wi-Fi and versatile electronic modules. Specially designed for programming education, HaloCode is extremely beginners-friendly. Creation can be done through simple coding. Use mBlock 5 with HaloCode. You can start with graphical programming, simple as building blocks, and further delve into textual programming, the cutting-edge Python. Wireless connectivity enables HaloCode to connect to the internet, to realize IoT functions. You can make your own smart-home devices.

IoT application is easy to operate:
With the help of the programming software, it takes only 3 steps to connect to the Internet, making it easy to implement IoT applications, such as creating simple smart home devices.

Equipped with LAN 2 function:
Wi-Fi module can make "wireless" or even "unlimited" connection between multiple halo boards, achieving creative effects such as lighting effect interaction.

Support speech recognition, simple introduction to artificial intelligence teaching:
The halo board carries a microphone module that, combined with Microsoft's integrated cognitive services, makes it easy to implement AI speech recognition. Children can learn to apply cutting-edge technology to their lives by making a fun interactive playmate or voice-activated home device.

A wide range of sensors for diversified electronic creation:
We integrate a variety of sensors on a circuit board with a diameter of only 45mm to make the ring plate "sensory". Through programming, the child can define the reaction of the halo board to the environment, create a wearable sports bracelet, a somatosensory game, or an interactive electronic creation such as an interactive rainbow light.

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