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Dino Arkerobox Educational Excavation Set

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Dino Arkerobox Educational Excavation Set


Dino Arkerobox Educational Excavation Set allows children to learn while having fun with the excavation set that makes children feel like a real archaeologist thanks to its contents prepared in a language suitable for children and with an education model prepared at home. With Arkerobox, children discover by digging what we discover culturally!

The products that children use both mentally and for development consume their motors during their digging period, while at the same time increasing their abilities against our cultural heritage and creating awareness of protecting their cultural abilities.

During the excavation, children work with focus and continue to dig with patience and excitement until they reach the goal. Working with curiosity and a sense of procreation while continuing the archaeological excavations, Archaeological Explorers create new pieces for the future, inspired by our cultural thinking. In this way, he develops his imaginary powers by discovering a work that can be kilometers between them.

Benefits of Dino Arkerobox Educational Excavation Set for Children:


  • It allows children to learn while exploring.
  • Curiosity is growing.
  • It saves money on the importance of archeology.
  • It improves the awareness of responsibility by increasing the interest and relevance to our cultural perspective.
  • Solution-oriented study teaching for the targeted result.
  • The innovations of owning a motor throughout the excavation process.
  • With the map game, she learns new information, comprehends the value of cultural discovery and reinforces the information she has learned.
  • It allows children to have a pleasant time by separating them from the virtual world for a while.

Warning: There is a danger of swallowing small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Dino Arkerobox Educational Excavation Set
Dino Arkerobox Educational Excavation Set
250.52 TL + VAT
300.63 TL
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