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Case for Raspberry Pi 4

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Protective Case for Raspberry Pi 4

The Protective Case, designed for Raspberry Pi 4, combines functionality and durability to provide users with top-level protection and practical usage. This protective case is specially designed to perfectly fit Raspberry Pi 4, ensuring protection against environmental factors.

Made from durable materials, the Protective Case can offer various options such as sturdy plastic or aluminum. These materials protect your device from dust, impacts, and other external factors while also isolating it from extreme temperatures or humidity.

Additionally, this protective case is often compatible with cooling accessories like fans or heat-absorbing plates, helping optimize temperature control and potentially enhance performance.

As a result, the Protective Case can be an ideal choice for Raspberry Pi 4 users. It combines strong protection, accessibility, and an aesthetic design to safely protect your Raspberry Pi 4 while making it easy to use.

Technical Specifications for Raspberry Pi 4 Protective Case:

  • Material: Plastic, aluminum, or other durable materials.
  • Compatible Models: Specially designed for Raspberry Pi 4 model.
  • Connection Ports: Easy access to all Raspberry Pi connection points.
  • Cooling System Compatibility: Compatible with cooling systems like fans or heat-absorbing plates.
  • Dimensions: Designed to fit Raspberry Pi card-compatible dimensions.
  • Aesthetic Design: Stylish and user-friendly design.

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Raspberry Pi 4
Case for Raspberry Pi 4
Case for Raspberry Pi 4
61.07 TL + VAT
73.28 TL
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