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Bakon BK880 Intelligent Hot Air Station

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Bakon BK880 Smart Hot Air Station

Bakon BK880 Smart Hot Air Station, which is required for the dismantling of SMD elements, has been designed and produced in a space-saving design so that you can save on your workspace. It can be used for shrinking, paint drying, vent removal, drying, heating, and plastic soldering. This extremely quiet-running station is ideally designed for professionals with a very stylish 2.9'' large LCD digital display for you to access precise temperature data details. It has adjustable temperature values, as well as the use of password shutdown, which strictly controls every operation so that the temperature cannot be changed due to storage. They provide high efficiency and energy saving as they have temperature accumulation and air volume preservation features.


When you place the hot air arm on the waiting stand, it automatically stops and starts the cooling process during operation. Then it sleeps itself because it has an automatic sleep sensor. It is also possible to turn off the automatic sleep mode at the end of your use after use.


All sections are clearly readable without tiring your eyes, with a large 2.9” HD LCD digital screen for you to reach sensitive temperature data details. Protecting your device and personal protection in the works you perform does not allow production to take place. It also allows you to use your soldering station safely thanks to its many features such as purposeful fault warning system, short circuit, open circuit, over temperature, error detection, and overload protection systems. In addition, thanks to its state-of-the-art microcomputer temperature control P.I.D, the temperature you set can be fixed at the correct values ​​without deviation. It will surprise you with its performance and technology far beyond your expectations and will be your greatest professional assistant in your work!

Bakon BK880 Intelligent Hot Air Station Application Areas:

  • Electronic Product Assembly
  • Working Development and Scientific Research Laboratories
  • Electronic Maintenance Products
  • Electric Soldering Process
  • Institutions, institutions, schools, etc. that provide skills training and all kinds of electronic manufacturing and repair.
  • Mobile phone, PC repair, maintenance and maintenance works
  • University, Technical Laboratory and R&D Laboratory


Bakon BK880 Intelligent Hot Air Station Technical Specifications:

  • Model: BK880
  • Power Consumption: 550W
  • Hot Air Temperature Range: 100°C / 500°C
  • Air Volume Range / Maximum Air Volume: 120L/Min
  • Operating Ambient Temperature: 0°C - +40°C / 32°C - +104° F
  • Storage Environment/Temperature: -20°C - +80°C / 35% ~ 60%
  • Display Type: HD LCD Display
  • Fan Type: Brushless Vortex Fan
  • Temperature Calibration: Digital Calibration
  • Temperature Control Method: Microcomputer P.I.D.
  • Quick Settings : CH1/CH2/CH3
  • Auto Sleep Function: ✓
  • Fan Failure Warning: ✓
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit Conversion: ✓
  • Low Temperature/High Temperature Warning: ✓
  • Heating Resistor/Sensor/Failure Protection: ✓
  • Password Protection: ✓
  • Voltage (Ground): ≤2mV
  • Grounding Resistance : ≤2Ω
  • Hot Air Arm Model : BK880
  • Hot Air Arm Resistance Model : BK853S
  • Size: 150x130x99mm
  • Weight: 1.8 kg


Bakon BK880 Intelligent Hot Air Station Box Contents:

  • 1 Piece BK880 Main Unit
  • 1 Piece Hot Air Blowing Arm
  • 2 Pieces 5mm / 7mm Nozzles

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Bakon BK880 Intelligent Hot Air Station
Bakon BK880 Intelligent Hot Air Station
3,734.93 TL + VAT
4,481.91 TL
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