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Arduino Workshop

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  • Arduino Workshop

    Our book has been prepared for those who can code with Scratch and want to develop electronic applications using Scratch code blocks. In our book, both the applications registered to the Arduino board and the interactive applications that we will run with the mBlock software are included. The work has been prepared in accordance with the new curriculum of the Information Technology and Software course in secondary and high schools. Led, Button, LDR, Relay, Buzzer, DC Motor, Control with Servo Motors, Soil Moisture Sensor, Distance Sensor (HC-SR04), Temperature Sensor (LM35), LCD Display and Bluetooth Module are the basic topics we will learn how to use.

    Arm Microcontrollers Technical Specifications:

    • Size: 15x21
    • Page:208
    • Weight: 284gr


    Book Content:

    • Basic concepts
    • Digital and Analog Data
    • Arduino 
    • Input-Output Pins 
    • PWM Outputs 
    • Programming with mBlock 
    • File, Edit, Connect
    • Cards, Extensions
    • Using mBlock 
    • Code Blocks
    • Motion, Appearance, Pen, Sound 
    • Data & Block
    • Events, Control, Detection 
    • Operations, Robots 
    • Installation Stages
    • mBlock Arduino Working Modes 
    • First Arduino Program with mBlock 
    • Basic Projects with Arduino 
    • Walking Light 
    • A Little Melody 
    • Button Usage
    • Auto-on Night Light
    • Relay Usage 
    • Engines Full Way Forward 
    • Servo Motor Usage
    • Simple Robot Arm
    • Distance Sensing and Sound Warning Cane 
    • LCD Screen Usage 
    • Thermometer Application 
    • Interactive Projects
    • Panda Talking to Arduino 
    • Relay and Led Control with Button 
    • Instrumental Panda 
    • Car Parking Game 
    • Good morning Panda 
    • Panda Measures Temperature 
    • Panda Controls the Water of Flowers 
    • Panda Measures Distance
    • Traffic Police Panda 
    • Servo Motor Control 
    • Led Control via Bluetooth 
    • Led Brightness Control with PWM
    • Servo Motor Control with Bluetooth 
    • Sending Data to LCD Screen via Bluetooth

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