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APM MAVLink2 Wireless Wi-Fi Telemetry Module with Antenna

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APM MAVLink2 Wireless Wi-Fi Telemetry Module with Antenna

ArduPilot Mega (APM) is a highly advanced autopilot system that you can use to give your air and land vehicles autonomous mobility. You can use it in your remote controlled model vehicles as well as aircraft such as multirotors, airplanes and helicopters.

apm2.6 ardupilot mega2.6 uçuş kontrol kartı kullanım alanları

APM is an Arduino Mega based control board. There is an ATmega2560 microcontroller and an ATmega32u2 microcontroller for USB-Serial conversion on the board. In addition to microcontrollers, sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer and magnetometer required for autonomous movement are also integrated on the board. The necessary ESC and servo connections for your vehicle are located on the board. Ready connectors for external sensor and telemetry connections are located on the board.

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button reset button, not restart button, when you press the button, all parameter will be set by default if you change some parameter.

Power LED: when the power is turned on, the red LED is on.

Connect LED: When connected with ground control (for example, mission planner or Qgroundcontrol) successfully, the blue LED flashing. When disconnected from ground control, the blue LED lights up.

APM Flight Control Board Features:
  • Fully open source, supports aircraft, multicopter (quadcopter, tricopter, hexacopter, etc.),
  • helicopters and land vehicles
  • Easy-to-use ground station and firmware upload software
  • 3D waypoint identification option with mission planner (for autonomous flight)
  • Two-way telemetry support (MAVLink protocol)
  • Autonomous takeoff, landing and special commands (for aerial imaging applications)
  • 8-channel PWM, S-BUS, PPM and Spektrum Satellite receiver support
  • 4MB internal memory (for data-logging)
  • 6-DOF MPU6000 accelerometer/gyroscope sensor
  • MS5611-01BA03 barometric pressure sensor (for altitude fixation)
  • Supports external GPS connection
APM MAVLink2 Wireless Wi-Fi Telemetry Module with Antenna
APM MAVLink2 Wireless Wi-Fi Telemetry Module with Antenna
413.32 TL + VAT
495.98 TL
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