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A4988 Step Motor Driver Board PL-1182

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A4988 Step Motor Driver Boardis the most usefull microstep bipolar step motor driver. Driver has current limitation, reverse voltage protection and 5 different microstep reolution features. Operation voltage range is between 8V and 35V. Driver draws current 1A (2A at peak or with a cooler) for each bobbin.
You should settle fast diodes to output of the motors for perfection usage and avoid from external factors. Through this, reverse voltage doesn't damage motor. .Click for the fast diode which you can buy.

Features :
  • Easy step and direction control interface
  • Five different step resolution: Full step, half step, quarter step, eighth step, sixteenth step.
  • Configurable current control provides draw more current for.
  • Smart switch control choose direct current slowdown mode automatically(Fast slowdown and slow slowdown).
  • Thermal shutdown at high temperature, reverse voltage protection, high current protection is available.
  • Reverse voltage protection is available.

Driver needs logic voltage source(3-5.5V) ,which is connected to VDD and GND pins, and motor power source(8-35V)which is connected to VMOT and GND. Decoupling capacitors of these sources must be compatible with board and these sources must be proper for expected currents (up to 4A for power source).

* If Driver draws current don't touch position of cables and motor connections. First, you should cut the power. Otherwise it may damage your driver.

MS1 MS2 MS3 Micro Resolution
LOW LOW LOW Full step

Half step

LOW HIGH LOW Quarter step
HIGH HIGH LOW Eighth step
HIGH HIGH HIGH sixteenth step

Usage of Driver :


A4988 Step Motor Driver Board PL-1182
A4988 Step Motor Driver Board PL-1182
481.66 TL + VAT
577.99 TL
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