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Wood-Kit STEM Robotic Coding - Mini Night Light

Robotik Bilim
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Mini Night Light

I Know Electronic Circuits!
In order to help your child develop in areas that are important today and in the future, such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics; Let's help your child's development with wood-Kit Stem educational toys produced. Educational toys offered for sale by the robotics company are specially designed to improve your children's robotic coding and algorithmic thinking skills.

Would you like to see what electrical energy can be transformed into with a simple electrical circuit?
The mechanism created for electric charges to leave one pole of the generator and go to the other pole is called an "electric circuit". The materials that make up the electric circuit are called circuit elements. A simple electric circuit consists of a light bulb, battery, switch and connection cables. The direction of the electric current is from the (+) pole. Towards the (–) pole Electrons move from the (–) pole of the generator to the (+) pole.

The wood-Kit Stem Mini Night Light, which is sent to the student unassembled, is mounted in accordance with the manual. Necessary electrical connections are made with the instructions in the manual. After the product is assembled and electrical connections are made, the propeller can be operated with the on/off button. Thanks to this product, the student learns to set up a simple electrical circuit and uses the product he has installed as a night light in his room. The student can color the product he/she has completed in any way he/she wishes.

Wood-Kit STEM Robotic Coding - Mini Night Light
Wood-Kit STEM Robotic Coding - Mini Night Light
274.69 TL + VAT
329.63 TL
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