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UNI-T LM50A Laser Distance Meter (Lasermeter)

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UNI-T LM50A Laser Distance Meter

The UNI-T LM50A Laser Distance Meter is an excellent choice for precise distance measurements and quick results. This portable laser meter is ideal for various applications, including construction, engineering, interior decoration, and more. With its durable construction and user-friendly design, it's a reliable tool to meet your distance measurement needs.

The LM50A is equipped with a laser that can make fast and accurate measurements. This allows you to easily determine distances and can enhance efficiency in areas such as project planning or construction work. Additionally, this laser meter can work in fractional distance units and different measurement modes, ensuring results that suit various measurement requirements.

The ergonomic design of the LM50A makes it easy to use and comfortable to hold with one hand. Its large and clear display simplifies reading measurement results. Moreover, the device's lightweight and portability make it suitable for use in the field or on different projects.

The UNI-T LM50A Laser Distance Meter is an indispensable measurement tool for construction professionals, interior decorators, engineers, and homeowners. With its precision, durability, and portability, it makes all kinds of distance measurement tasks easier and faster. Choose the LM50A to manage your projects more efficiently and accurately.

UNI-T LM50A Laser Distance Meter Technical Specifications:

  • Measurement Range: 0.05 m (0.16 ft) to 50 m (164 ft)
  • Measurement Accuracy: 2 mm (0.08 inches)
  • Measurement Units: Meter (m), Feet (ft), Inch (in)
  • Laser Class: 2
  • Laser Wavelength: 635 nm
  • Measurement Modes: Single point, Continuous measurement, Area measurement, Volume measurement, Pythagoras measurement
  • Display: Large and clear LCD display
  • Auto Shutdown: Yes, for energy-saving
  • Battery Type: 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries (not included)
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 (32 to 104)
  • Storage Temperature: -20 to 60 (-4 to 140)
  • Dimensions: Approximately 116mm x 53mm x 28mm
  • Weight: Approximately 100 grams (batteries not included)
UNI-T LM50A Laser Distance Meter (Lasermeter)
UNI-T LM50A Laser Distance Meter (Lasermeter)
846.74 TL + VAT
1,016.09 TL
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