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T3B-115-K Compatible Soldering Iron Tip

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T3B-115-K Compatible Soldering Tip

T3B-115-K Compatible Soldering Tip is designed for use in electronic and electrical soldering processes as a durable and high-performance soldering tip. This special soldering tip is compatible with the T3B-115-K model and is manufactured in accordance with industrial standards.

This soldering tip provides excellent heat conduction, ensuring superior soldering results in precision soldering tasks. It is made from high-quality materials, guaranteeing long-term use. It offers versatile use for various soldering needs.

T3B-115-K Compatible Soldering Tips can be used with confidence.

The product, with its long-lasting performance and user-friendly design, can be easily attached and detached, allowing you to start soldering quickly. It is ideal for both professional and amateur users, and it stands out with its performance in workshops, repair shops, and industrial production environments. It is designed to be a reliable helper in soldering delicate components such as electronic devices, circuit boards, and similar parts. The T3B-115-K Compatible Soldering Tip is an ideal choice for users looking to improve their soldering process efficiency.

T3B-115-K Compatible Soldering Tip Technical Specifications:

  • Compatible Models: T3B-115-K or specified other models.
  • Material: Typically made of high-quality conductive and durable materials such as copper, brass, or iron alloys.
  • Dimensions: Measurements such as tip length, width, and thickness.
  • Heat Conduction: Effective heat conduction for soldering operations.
  • Applications: Used for soldering delicate components such as electronic components, circuit boards, wires, and more.
  • Durability: Designed for long-term use with special coatings or durability-enhancing features.
T3B-115-K Compatible Soldering Iron Tip
T3B-115-K Compatible Soldering Iron Tip
1,100.19 TL + VAT
1,320.22 TL
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