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Sunline SL-6005 Adjustable Power Supply - 60V 5A

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Sunline SL-6005 - DC POWER SUPPLY 60V 5A

Sunline SL-6005, A type of power supply that delivers direct current to power a device. The primary function of the DC power supply is to convert the electricity from the source into direct voltage and current to power the load. In addition, this power supply with 0-60V output protection is a very high quality and useful product. It gives current output up to 5 amps. It is used in laboratory tools and workshops. There is a 'FINE' pot on the power supply for low voltage value change and fine tuning. The current value can be adjusted as milliamperes and amperes. Current restrictions feature is available. You can reach the paper about power supplies from this link.

Sunline SL-6005 - DC POWER SUPPLY 60V 5A Features:

  • 60V 5A Single Output DC power Supply 300W
  • Advanced PWM control technology
  • Compact design and lightness 
  • Constant voltage and constant current operations
  • Automatic CV/CC switch
  • For voltage and current Coarse and Fine control
  • Overcurrent protection, Overvoltage protection and Over temperature protection
  • Adjustable OVP, OCP 
  • Intelligent temperature-controlled cooling fan
  • Operation Type: PWM
  • Output Current: 0 / 5A
  • Output power: 300W
  • Output voltage: 0-60V
  • O.V.P. Range: DC 1~100% Rated Output Power
  • O.C.P. Range: DC constant 105% Maximum Output Power
  • Line regulation: CV≤0.2% +2 Screen / CC≤0.5% +2 Screen
  • Load regulation: ≤0.5% +2 Display
  • Ripple and results: ≤1% rms:
  • Voltmeter: 3 Digit LED Display
  • Ammeter: 3 Digit LED Display
  • Voltage source: 0.000-9.999V; 00.00-99.99V; 000.0-999.9V
  • Current routing: 0.000-9.999A; 00.00-99.99A; 000.0-999.9A
  • Accuracy: ±(1% FS+ 1 Display)
  • Protection: Over-Voltage, over-current, over-temperature and overload protections
  • Operating conditions: 0°C~40°C, <80%RH
  • Storage conditions: -10°C ~70°C, <70%RH
  • Input Power: AC115V/230V±10% integrated, 50/60Hz
  • Size: 200 x 150 x 285 mm


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Sunline SL-6005 Adjustable Power Supply - 60V 5A
Sunline SL-6005 Adjustable Power Supply - 60V 5A
3,866.30 TL + VAT
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