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Sunline 900 M-T-1C Soldering Iron Tip - 10 Pieces

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Sunline 900 M-T-1C - 10 Pieces

Sunline 900 M-T-1C, you can meet your different soldering iron needs by changing the "soldering iron u" you use. By installing different uçs, you can easily perform the soldering operation by adjusting the size of the soldering iron via the screw. In addition, the soldering iron is shorter if you shorten its length, it gets warmer less if you lengthen it, and so you can change the acclimatization temperature of the soldering iron.;

Sunline 900 M-T-1C Application Areas:

  • Repair of electronics
  • In assembly soldering operations
  • It is used in the soldering devices used


Sunline 900 M-T-1C Technical specifications:

  • Model: Sunline 900 M-T-1C


Sunline 900 M-T-1C Compatible Models:

  • SGS and ROHS approved 900 M-T-1C M-T-K,t-uuml;m" Sunline soldering iron stations&rdquo the "soldering iron" located in the "soldering iron" is suitable for içs.,

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Sunline 900 M-T-1C Soldering Iron Tip - 10 Pieces
Sunline 900 M-T-1C Soldering Iron Tip - 10 Pieces
441.08 TL + VAT
529.29 TL
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