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Sunline 853D+ Hot Air Handle (for 3A) - S208E

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  • Sunline 853D+ Hot Air Sleeve (3A için) - S208E


    Sunline 853D+ Hot Air Lever (3A i) - S208E is a product that combines the needs of technical services in electrical and electronics applications where speed and practicality are Decently high.

    Sunline 853D+ Hot Air Lever (3A i) - S208E it is a soldering station. This rün, which combines technology, compact design and the necessary tüm devices for repair, has 3 functions. Adjustable 15V and 2 Ampere DC güç büy provides ease of use because the hot air and the soldering station with its source have been integrated and the innovation has been achieved with the design.

    Sunline 853D+ Hot Air Sleeve (3A için) - S208E Application Areas:


    • Electronic ürün Assembly
    • ürün Development and Scientific Research Laboratories
    • Electrical Soldering Works
    • Electronic Maintenance ünler
    • Every Türlü Electronic Manufacturing and Repair Institutions / Organizations/Schools that Provide Skills Training
    • For Mobile Phone or Computer Repair, Maintenance, Repair Work 
    • at the university, Technical Laboratories or R&D Laboratories 

      Sunline 853D+ Hot Air Sleeve (3A i) - S208E Technical features:


      • Model:853D+
      • GüçTüketimi:720W±10%
      • Storage Ambient Temperature: 20°C/80°C
      • çstage çAcclimation Temperature: 0°C/50°C
      • Hot Weather Station Bölümü:
        • Airflow Türü: Brushless Fan
        • Temperature Range: 100°C/480°C

    • üstreamer Flow Rate: 120L/min
    • Temperature Stability: ±2°C
    • Display Type: LED
    • Sleeve Cable Length: 100 cm
    • üpennant Sleeve Heater: 74Ω
    • Soldering Station Bölümü:
      • GüçTüketimi:75W±%10< /li>
      • Temperature Range: 200°C/480°C
    • Temperature Range: 200°C/480°C
    • Temperature Stability:
    • Ground Voltage: 2 mV
    • Ground Impedance: 2 ohms
    • Display Type: LED
    • Sleeve Cable Length: 100 cm
    • Sleeve Heater: Yüksek Güç Heater
    • Calibration Mode: Calibration with PID Digital Program
      • çDouble Voltage: DC 0-15V
      • çDouble Current: 0 / 3
      • Yük Stability: 0.01±2mV
      • Temperature Coefficient:300 ppm/°C
      • Ripple dB:1mvrms
      • Display: LEDDC Power supply Bölümü:
    • Size: 255 x 188 x 125 mm
    • Weight: 5.5kg

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