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Screwdriver set 7 Pieces MEGA

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Paket İçeriği
3 Adet Yıldız Tornavida (3X80-5X100-6X125)
Paket İçeriği
4 Adet Düz Tornavida (3X100-5X125-6X125-7X150
Crom Vanadium
Türk Malı
: 175.59 TL + VAT
KDV Dahil Fiyat
: 210.71 TL

7-Piece MEGA Screwdriver Set

Professional Screwdriver Set: 7-Piece MEGA

The MEGA 7-Piece Screwdriver Set provides an excellent solution for all types of repair jobs. From small repairs at home to professional workshop tasks, this set stands out for its durability and ease of use.

Excellent Working Performance: Made of high-quality steel, the tips ensure long-lasting and reliable use. The screwdriver tips perfectly fit various screw heads, helping you complete your tasks quickly and effectively.

Ideal for Various Applications: This set includes carefully selected various screwdriver tips to accommodate a wide range of screw types. It is ideal for electronic devices, furniture, household appliances, and more.

Ergonomic Design: Ergonomic handles provide comfortable grip and easy use, minimizing fatigue even during long working hours.

Compact and Portable: The MEGA 7-Piece Screwdriver Set is easy to store and carry due to its compact design. It is conveniently packaged to be ready for any repair job.

Reliable and Durable: The MEGA brand has a long history of quality and reliability. This set is designed to withstand daily use and will provide excellent performance for years to come.


7-Piece MEGA Screwdriver Set Features:

  • 3 STAR SCREWDRIVERS (3X80-5X100-6X125)
  • 4 FLATHEAD SCREWDRIVERS (3X100-5X125-6X125-7X150)
Screwdriver set 7 Pieces MEGA
Screwdriver set 7 Pieces MEGA
175.59 TL + VAT
210.71 TL
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