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Roney Pliers 160mm

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: 183.73 TL + VAT
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: 220.47 TL

Roney Pense 160mm

Roney Pense 160mm is a versatile hand tool known for its durable structure and multifaceted usage. This 160mm pen boasts a wide range of applications, suitable for household, workshop, and industrial environments.

High-Quality Material: Roney Pense is crafted from high-quality materials to ensure a robust and durable build. This guarantees long-lasting performance and safe usage across various tasks.

Ergonomic Design: The pen features an ergonomic design that provides comfort even during prolonged use. It is specially designed for a comfortable grip and easy handling.

Versatile Usage: Roney Pense 160mm can be used in electrical work, plumbing, carpentry, automotive tasks, and many other fields. It delivers the precision and power required for diverse tasks.

Compact Size: With its 160mm size, Roney Pense is easy to carry and store. This ensures you can have it with you at all times and use it in case of emergencies.

Roney Pliers 160mm
Roney Pliers 160mm
183.73 TL + VAT
220.47 TL
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