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Revopoint POP3 3D Scanner - Standard

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Revopoint POP 3 3D Scanner

POP 3 offers users an easy experience with its advanced color capture, tracking feature and brand new design.

Accuracy That Saves Time

POP3, which can scan up to 0.05 mm sensitivity, has high scanning speeds between 12-18 fps with a 0.05 mm dot distance. Eliminate the need for manual measuring by scanning 3D models consistently and efficiently.


Advanced Marker Tracking

Thanks to its four powerful infrared LEDs, it provides accurate, reliable and efficient scanning, while making marker tracking and scanner calibration much easier.

Precision on the Move

Enjoy a seamless image detection and compositing experience with POP 3's 9-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) that continuously measures movement. At the same time, with its advanced algorithm, it quickly detects and eliminates faulty frames caused by sudden movement or shake.

Powerful Motion Scanning

POP3's light weight, compact size, and compatibility with mobile devices make it a powerful tool for flexible browsing on the go.

High Fidelity Color Scanning

The RGB camera's 30% wider aperture allows more light to reach the sensor, providing an improved color scanning experience. Its dual LEDs illuminate the scanned object, eliminating shadows. Thus, 3D scanning data with more vivid and realistic colors can be obtained.

Simplified Control

POP 3's new design is built around optimizing the browsing experience. It has three touch-sensitive buttons to start and pause scans and adjust depth exposure on the fly.

Remote connection

Powered by Wi-Fi 6, POP 3 can transfer data nearly three times faster than POP 2 for smoother mobile browsing with low latency. It features a new Type-C connector for faster installation and compatibility with your other cables.

Unlock 3D Printing with POP 3!

Quickly and easily create accurate, print-ready 3D models of any object without creating a drawing in 3D modeling software.

Product features

Product Name: Revopoint POP 3

Technology: Dual Camera Infrared Light

Single Frame Accuracy: Up to 0.05 mm

Single Frame Accuracy: Up to 0.1mm

Single Frame Capture Range: 225mm x 125mm

Working Distance: 150mm ~ 400mm

Minimum Scanning Volume: 20mm x 20mm x 20mm

Scanning Speed: 12fps - 18fps

IMU: 9-Axis

Light Source: Class 1 Infrared Light

Scanning Modes: Shape/Marker

Color Scanning: Yes

Output Formats: PLY, OBJ, STL

Dot Distance/Resolution: Minimum 0.05mm

Special Object Scanning: Use scanning spray and correct scanning mode for transparent, dark or highly reflective objects.

Scanning Environment: Indoors and Outdoors

Scanner Weight: 190g

Scanner Dimensions: 153mm x 29mm x 45mm

Compatible with 3D Printing: Yes

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 10/11 (64 bit), Android, iOS, macOS

Auxiliary Lightings: 4 IR LEDs / 2 White LEDs

Lumens: 110 ~ 130 for white LEDs

Color Temperature: 6000K ~ 6500K for White LEDs

Connection Type: Type-C USB 3.0

External Controls: 3 Touch-Sensitive Keys

Wi-Fi: 6.0

Revopoint POP3 3D Scanner - Standard
Revopoint POP3 3D Scanner - Standard
21,605.63 TL + VAT
25,926.75 TL
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