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Raspberry Pi Camera Timer, One Cable for Two Cameras

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Timer for Raspberry Pi Camera

Camera Timer, Specific FFC Allows Raspberry Pi to Connect Two Cameras Time-sharing programming function: Allows Raspberry Pi to connect two cameras simultaneously and select the active one manually or automatically (via GPIO)

This programmer is designed for Raspberry Pi, the special FFC used allows Rspberry Pi to connect two cameras together. You can switch cameras by controlling GPIO.

How to use:
Connect Raspberry Pi's FFC cable to Raspberry PI's CSI interface. CSI interface of Pi 2B, 3B, 3B+ located between LAN port and HDMI port. The Pi 4's CSI interface is placed between the HDMI1 interface and the audio jack. If you use the pi zero, the CSI interface is next to the Power port. Here is the diagram of the Pi 4.

raspberrypi-kamera-icin-zamanlayici.jpeg (145 KB)
Note that the silver side (metal side) must be towards the HDMI interface. Release the black buckle, align the FFC cable and insert it tightly, then close the black buckle

Timer Specifications for Raspberry Pi Camera:

  • Dimensions: 76mm x 26mm
  • Applicable range: Raspberry Pi full serial cards
  • Applicable: two 8MP IMX219 cameras OR two 5MP OV5647 cameras

Package Included:

  1. Camera Timer x1
  2. RPi Zero V1.3 Camera Cable 15cm x1
  3. Jumper 1PIN 2.54 Step 2PCS x1
  4. FFC 22PIN 160mm (reverse side contact) x1

Raspberry Pi Camera Timer, One Cable for Two Cameras
Raspberry Pi Camera Timer, One Cable for Two Cameras
429.61 TL + VAT
515.53 TL
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