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Proxxon 28594 Ps13 Pencil sander

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Proxxon 28594 Ps13 Pencil Sander

The Proxxon 28594 PS13 Pen Sander is a versatile and handy power tool designed for precise sanding tasks.

Compact and ergonomic design: The PS13 offers comfort even during prolonged use, thanks to its ergonomic design that fits easily in the hand. Its lightweight and compact structure allows you to work effortlessly even in hard-to-reach areas.

Variable speed control: The tool provides stepless speed control between 5,000 and 12,000 rpm. This feature ensures optimum performance for different materials and applications.

Compatibility with various accessories: The PS13 is compatible with a wide range of accessories. You can perform tasks such as sanding, polishing, scraping, and carving using various accessories like sanding papers, polishing pads, brushes, and milling bits.

Dust collection feature: The tool's integrated dust collection system keeps the work area clean and minimizes health issues that may be caused by dust.

Powerful and quiet motor: The high-quality DC motor delivers powerful and quiet performance. This ensures minimal vibration and noise even during delicate work.

Application areas: The PS13 is ideal for various fields such as model making, jewelry design, woodcarving, automotive detailing, and general hobby projects.

Quality materials: Proxxon is known for producing long-lasting and durable tools using high-quality materials. The PS13 offers reliable performance for many years, thanks to its robust construction.

Precise control: The tool's fine tip provides excellent control in precise and delicate tasks. It offers superior control even when working on fine details, allowing you to achieve professional results.

Easy accessory change: The accessory changing process is quite simple and does not require any special tools. This allows you to make quick and smooth transitions between different applications.

Brand reliability: Proxxon has a good reputation for quality and reliable power tools. The PS13 reflects Proxxon's expertise and commitment.

In conclusion, the Proxxon 28594 PS13 Pen Sander is an excellent choice for various precise sanding and detailing tasks. Its compact design, powerful performance, and versatility make it an indispensable tool for both professionals and hobbyists. Its high quality and brand reliability ensure a long-term investment.

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Proxxon 28594 Ps13 Pencil sander
Proxxon 28594 Ps13 Pencil sander
1,011.25 TL + VAT
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