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Proxxon 28512 Micromat 50-EF Router Drill

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Çalışma Gerilimi
Motor Gücü
5000-20000 RPM
: 1,323.75 TL + VAT
KDV Dahil Fiyat
: 1,588.50 TL

Proxxon 28512 Micromat 50-EF Router Drill

The Proxxon 28512 Micromat 50/EF Milling Drill is a high-quality hand tool used for precise work. It is particularly preferred in model making, jewelry design, electronics, and fine mechanical tasks. Capable of reaching a maximum speed of 20,000 rpm, this tool can easily handle extremely delicate and intricate work. The quiet-running 40W motor provides high performance. Thanks to the electronic speed control, the speed can be adjusted according to the requirements of the job. Its compact size and lightweight design (approximately 500 grams) make it easy to carry and use. Proxxon offers various cutting, drilling, shaping, and polishing accessories for this device. The Proxxon 28512 Micromat 50/EF is made of high-quality materials. This makes it long-lasting and durable. The low-vibration operation of the device increases user comfort and provides better control in precision work. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the tool, hand and wrist fatigue is minimized even during prolonged use. The device has an overload protection system. This prevents damage to the motor and the tool. Thanks to its quiet operation, it does not cause disturbance, especially when used in a home or office environment.

Proxxon 28512 Micromat 50-EF Router Drill of Usage Areas:

Milling, drilling, channeling, polishing, cutting, rust scraping, engraving works can be easily used on materials such as metal, glass, ceramics by electronics enthusiasts, model designers, jewelers, opticians.

Power: 40 Watt
Operating voltage: 12-18 V
RPM: 5.000 - 20.000 d/dak
Mandrel Capacity: 0.3-3.2 mm anahtarsız
22 cm
230 g


A micromat adapter with a minimum current rating of 1. A is recommended.

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Proxxon 28512 Micromat 50-EF Router Drill
Proxxon 28512 Micromat 50-EF Router Drill
1,323.75 TL + VAT
1,588.50 TL
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