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Proxxon 28192 HKP 220 Glue Gun

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Silikon, Tutkal
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: 918.00 TL
Proxxon 28192 HKP220 Tutkal Tabancası

Powerful performance:
The Proxxon 28192 HKP220 Glue Gun is a high-temperature glue gun that can be used at temperatures up to 200°C. This high temperature allows you to create stronger and more durable bonds.

Fast heating time:
The glue gun reaches the desired working temperature in just a few minutes. This saves you time and allows you to start gluing quickly.

Flow control:
The glue gun features a flow control switch to determine the ideal amount for the gluing process. This feature allows you to apply the desired amount of adhesive.

Ergonomic design:
The ergonomic design of the Proxxon 28192 HKP220 Glue Gun provides comfort for long-term use. Its shape, which can be comfortably held in the hand, reduces hand fatigue and provides an easier gluing experience.

Various applications:
This glue gun is designed to be suitable for a wide variety of applications. It has a wide range of uses, from wood, plastic, metal, and other materials to home repairs and craft projects.

Produced with the quality of the Proxxon brand, this glue gun stands out for its durability. It is long-lasting and maintains its performance even under intensive use conditions.

In addition to the gluing process, this model also allows for different materials such as engraving or polish. This makes it a versatile device that can serve multiple purposes
Proxxon 28192 HKP 220 Glue Gun
Proxxon 28192 HKP 220 Glue Gun
765.00 TL + VAT
918.00 TL
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