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Proxxon 27082 12E Heated Saw

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Proxxon 27082 12E Heated Saw

Proxxon 27082 12E Heated Saw is an electric cutting tool. This saw is used for cutting materials such as wood and plastic. It allows for precise cutting of wood models and plastic parts.

The features of Proxxon 27082 12E Heated Saw are as follows:

  • Motor power: The motor power of the saw is approximately 100W. This power is sufficient for easy cutting operations.
  • Blade size: The blade of the saw has a diameter of approximately Ø50mm. This size enables precise and fine cuts.
  • Cutting depth: The maximum cutting depth for wood is approximately 10mm. This depth is usually required in applications such as carpentry or model making.
  • Adjustable cutting speeds: You can adjust the speed of your Proxxon 27082 saw. This feature allows for optimum performance in different materials and projects.
  • Compact design: The saw has a compact design, which makes it easy to carry and store.
  • Safety measures: In terms of safety measures, the protective cover on the saw ensures the protection of users' hands, while the secure handle provides extra safety.

Proxxon 27082 Heated Saw is commonly used in carpentry work or model making but can also be suitable for various applications.

Proxxon 27082 12E Heated Saw
Proxxon 27082 12E Heated Saw
2,017.50 TL + VAT
2,421.00 TL
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