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Pixhawk Flight Control Board ESP32 Radio Telemetry Module

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  • Pixhawk Flight Control Board ESP32 Radio Telemetry Module

    The ESP32 has Wi-Fi modules with full TCP/IP stack and microcontroller capability. For the product, DroneBridge offers a transparent and bidirectional series to the WiFi bridge. Typical WiFi range is ~50m-200m depending on antennas. High gain directional antennas (5db) will offer greater range. Use WIFI V3.0 32-bit CPU. It runs faster and supports TCP/upp. Convenient interface for parameter setting. Since WiFi V3.0 uses mavlink v2.0 protocol, it only supports pixhawk flight control, not APM flight control. 

    ucus-kontrol-karti-telemetri-modulu.jpeg (145 KB)
    ESP32 are ready-made WiFi modules with dedicated UART, SPI and I2C interfaces and full TCP/IP stack and microcontroller capability. They come without firmware, but can be enabled for ESP32 from a transparent and bidirectional serial to WiFi bridge by installing DroneBridge. They can then be used as a WiFi telemetry module with any Pixhawk series controller.

    ucus-kontrol-karti-telemetri-modulu-1.jpeg (47 KB)


    The wiring is very simple and similar for all devices when connecting to the Pixhawk TELEM1/2 ports. You can use 2.54mm pitch header connectors or solder PX4 telemetry cables directly to the board.

    ucus-kontrol-karti-telemetri-modulu-3.jpeg (274 KB)

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