PCF8574 I2C I/O Expander Modul

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  • This modul allows you to expand the number of I/O pins in your microcontroller projects. You will have 8 extra input/output pin using 2 I2C connection with the PCF8574 T I2C I/O expander IC. Additionally you can change the I2C adress by changing the position of DIP switches on the board. This means you can connect up to 8 of this moduls to your microcontroller at the same time. This modul operates both 3.3 V and 5 V.

    Note: The I2C adress of the modul is 0x27 when all the DIP switches are positioned at OFF.

    Dimensions: 37.5 mm x 16.7 mm

    Click here for the PCF8574 datasheet.

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