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MG811 Module - Air Carbon Dioxide Sensor CO2

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MG811 Module, Air Carbon Dioxide Sensor CO2

The MG811 Air Carbon Dioxide Sensor is a sensor that detects the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air. It has high sensitivity and great selectivity to carbon dioxide. It is a CO detection device used in the home environment, underground storage, tunnel. It is suitable for detecting carbon dioxide concentration.


MG811 Module Features:

  • Signal Output Instruction
  • Dual Signal Output (Analog Output and TTL Level Output)
  • TTL Output Valid Signal Low. (Low signal when the output light can be directly connected to the microcontroller.)
  • 30~50mV Analog Output Voltage (The higher the voltage, the higher the concentration.)
  • High Sensitivity and Selectivity to Carbon Dioxide
  • Long Lasting and Reliable Stability
  • Quick Response Feature
  • Simple Driver Circuit 

MG811 Module Technical Features:

  • Size: 22x35x29mm
  • Main chip: LM393, Carbon Dioxide Gas Detection Probe
  • Operating Voltage: 6V/DC

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MG811 Module - Air Carbon Dioxide Sensor CO2
MG811 Module - Air Carbon Dioxide Sensor CO2
1,102.67 TL + VAT
1,323.21 TL
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