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Mega Phillips Screwdriver 5x125

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: 22.53 TL + VAT
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: 27.04 TL

Mega Star Screwdriver 5x125

Mega Star Screwdriver 5x125 is an excellent choice for both professional and home use. This high-quality screwdriver stands out for its durability and performance, offering a wide range of applications.

High Quality and Durability: Made from quality materials, the Mega Star Screwdriver 5x125 provides long-lasting and reliable performance. Its steel tips ensure a tight and secure grip.

Suitable for Various Applications: This screwdriver can be used in various applications such as electronic devices, household appliances, furniture, and more. The 5x125 size perfectly fits commonly used screw sizes.

User-Friendly Design: With its ergonomic handle design, the Mega Star Screwdriver 5x125 provides a comfortable grip even during long periods of use, enhancing productivity while reducing user fatigue.

Easy Portability: Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to carry and store, ensuring it's always within reach whether at home or in the workplace.

Technical Specifications of Mega Star Screwdriver 5x125:

  • Magnetic tip for easy lifting and screw detection
  • Chrome-plated shaft for corrosion resistance
  • Wide handle for high torque to move wood screws

Mega Phillips Screwdriver 5x125
Mega Phillips Screwdriver 5x125
22.53 TL + VAT
27.04 TL
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