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Makeblock Xtool M1 - 10W Laser Cutter and CNC Machine

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Makeblock Xtool M1 - 10W Laser Cutter and CNC Machine


Makeblock Xtool M1, this home laser cutting machine, contains more than 500 items, more than 30 fonts, common parameter settings, various editing, project files. Due to the dual laser approach, the two laser beams are grouped into a single point. Therefore, it has a strong cutting power. In addition, the special software not only supports the use of laptop or desktop computers, but also can be used easily on smart phones thanks to a special application. It works on Windows / macOS / Android / iOS operating systems. Batch processing is available as it can be controlled by artificial intelligence. It can cut or engrave more than 300 materials. While it performs well on many materials such as wood, metal and glass, it also performs well on DIY t-shirts, signage factory, logos and more.


xTool M1 can intelligently capture images, designs and drawings from any surface. Then, the graphic design section of 'XTool' can be transferred for design by the creator. You should also set your cutting parameter! Many automatic recognition features are available, including visual identification, material thickness, and material recognition, so it's easy to set up these operations!

What Materials Can Makeblock Xtool M1 Cut?


It can cut more than 300 materials including Vinyl, Metal, Leather, Wood, Paper, PVC, Fabric, Ironing, Cardboard, Felt, Ceramic and Plastic.


Makeblock Xtool M1 Technical Specifications:


  • Working Power: 10W
  • Auto Focus and Image Processing Thanks to the 16MP Camera
  • Cutting Power up to 8 Millimeters in a Single Pass
  • Working area:
    • Laser: 385 x 300 mm
    • Blade: 365 x 300 mm
  • Weight: 9.8kg
  • Size: 557 x 453 x 230 mm
  • Color: White
Makeblock Xtool M1 - 10W Laser Cutter and CNC Machine
Makeblock Xtool M1 - 10W Laser Cutter and CNC Machine
36,792.11 TL + VAT
44,150.53 TL
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