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Magnetic Field Viewing Film 5x5cm

Magnetic field imaging film (magnet x-ray) is a green, translucent film that allows you to easily view and work with magnetic fields and polar patterns on a magnet or magnetic assembly. When held in a magnetic field, the metals in the film align with the magnetic field and appear darker at the poles and lighter where the magnetic field is perpendicular to the film. Multiple poles spaced closely together can increase holding power while reducing the reach of the magnet. Conversely, magnetic reach increases when there are fewer poles, but the holding power in contact decreases.

Magnetic field imaging film is a great educational tool for magnetism studies and analysis.

How Does Magnetic Field Viewing Film Work?

  • Place the flexible film directly on the surface of the magnetic material to reveal the magnetic field of any shape or pattern.
  • When a magnet is placed under the viewing film, small metal flakes respond to the magnetic field, creating magnetization pattern-like shapes.
  • Dark areas indicate a magnetic pole, and light lines indicate the demarcation line between opposite poles.


Magnetic Film Viewing Film Features:

  • Size: 5x5cm
  • It is translucent and extremely flexible.
  • It is very useful for science and physics education. It is also a nice and useful tool for science enthusiasts and inventors.

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Magnetic Field Imaging Film 5x5cm
Magnetic Field Imaging Film 5x5cm
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