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LP02 Low Temperature 3D Pen - Blue

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LP02 Low Temperature 3D Pen - Blue

The Low Temperature 3D Pen - Blue is an excellent tool to turn your imagination into reality. This innovative 3D pen allows you to create impressive and realistic three-dimensional designs, offering safer use thanks to its low-temperature technology.

Key Features:

  • Low Temperature Technology: Unlike traditional 3D pens, the low temperature provides safer and more comfortable use. It's an ideal option for both children and adults.
  • Vibrant Color Option: This blue 3D pen helps add vibrancy to your designs. Take your imagination to colorful worlds!
  • Easy to Use: With its ergonomic design, this 3D pen offers a comfortable grip and prevents fatigue even during extended use. It can be set up quickly and easily to get started.
  • Compatible with Various Materials: Compatible with PLA, ABS, and many other 3D printing materials, allowing you to showcase your creativity on different surfaces.
  • Fine-Tuning Control: Adjustable speed and flow control enable you to create more precise and detailed designs.
  • Unleash your artistic talents with the Low Temperature 3D Pen - Blue and create unique three-dimensional artworks. This pen supports children's creativity and helps adults explore new hobbies. Step into the world of design and enjoy the process of creating exceptional products!

Technical Specifications of the LP02 Low Temperature 3D Pen - Blue:

  • Compatible with ABS and other common 3D printing materials.
  • Speed and Flow Control: Allows fine-tuning of speed and flow for precise and detailed designs.
  • Display: Integrated LCD screen helps visualize settings like temperature and speed.
  • Heating Time: Quickly heats up within [Specified Time].
  • Auto Shutdown: Automatically shuts down after a certain period to save energy.
  • Ergonomic Design: Designed for comfortable grip and extended use.
  • Power Source: Operates with [Specified Power Source Information].
  • Extra Accessories: Comes with additional accessories such as a sample set of colored 3D printing filaments and a user manual.
  • Usage Areas: Offers a wide range of applications including art, crafts, prototyping, education, and more.

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LP02 Low Temperature 3D Pen - Blue
LP02 Low Temperature 3D Pen - Blue
1,061.31 TL + VAT
1,273.57 TL
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