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LittleBits Sequencer

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Little Bits kits are excellent choice for kids, young inventors and all generations intented to design new things with requiring no special talents. The "Bits" connected together by the power of magnets. As reverse connecting does not cause anything bad, you can learn electronics easily and safely. You can use not only the modules came with the kits but also these modules to add different features in your project.

The sequencer allows you to connect up to eight outputs and control them in sequential patterns.


  • Automatically cycle through the entire sequence
  • Control the speed of the sequence using dimmers or sensors
  • Run the sequence four ways: forwards, backwards, pendulum, or random
  • Swap automation for full control and step through each part of the sequence using a button, sound trigger, or any other high signal input
LittleBits Sequencer
LittleBits Sequencer
1,214.93 TL + VAT
1,457.92 TL
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