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LittleBits Inverter

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: 271.04 TL + VAT
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: 406.57 TL
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: 325.25 TL
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Little Bits Kits are excellent choice for kids and young enthusiasts to make designs without any special talent. All pieces can be stacked to each other easily with its magnetic structure. Since there will not be reverse stacking or wrong connection problem, you can learn electronics and do projects without any fear and with complacency. You can add different features to your project by using this modules which are not included in kit.

The inverter is an example of a logic Bit. It sends out the opposite of whatever it receives: send it an on signal, and the inverter changes it to an off signal, or vice versa. Would you like a button that turns things off instead of on? Try the inverter.

LittleBits Inverter
LittleBits Inverter
271.04 TL + VAT
325.25 TL
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