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Halot-Mage 8K SLA 3D Printer

Creality 3D
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Halot-Mage 8K SLA 3D Printer


The Halot-Mage 8K SLA 3D Printer is a cutting-edge 3D printing solution that offers superior quality and precision. This innovative device is packed with industry-leading features and is designed to make your creative projects come true. Thanks to its top-notch performance, ease of use and high resolution, it allows you to print even the most complex designs with excellent results.

Halot-Mage 8K has a leading position in the industry with its 8K resolution. This way, you get incredible detail and smooth surfaces on your prints. Thanks to SLA (Stereolithography) technology, your parts, which are built layer by layer, are high quality and durable, and can be used in a wide range from industrial projects to artistic works.

Halot-Mage 8K has been designed with the user experience in mind. Thanks to the easy-to-use touch screen interface, you can quickly and seamlessly manage your projects, customize the print settings, and monitor the printing process. The device's high-speed printing helps you save time and increase productivity.

The advanced light source and automatic calibration system ensure the Halot-Mage 8K provides stable and repeatable results. In this way, you can achieve the same high quality in every print and focus on your projects with confidence.

The Halot-Mage 8K SLA 3D Printer is among the first choices of professionals in design studios, engineering workshops, medical field and many more. With its high-end performance, reliability and user-friendly interface, it makes your 3D printing process more efficient and exciting.

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Halot-Mage 8K SLA 3D Printer Specifications: 

  • Printing Technology: Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Print Size: 192mm x 120mm x 200mm
  • Print Quality: 8K (7680 x 4800 pixel resolution)
  • Layer Resolution: 0.025mm - 0.1mm (adjustable)
  • Print Speed: 30mm/s - 50mm/s (adjustable)Light Source: 405nm UV LED
  • Material Support: Photopolymer resins (wide range of materials)
  • Display: Touch color LCD screen
  • Interface: USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi (optional)
  • Supported File Types: STL, OBJ, AMF
  • Operating System: Windows, macOS
  • Machine Dimensions: 400mm x 400mm x 650mm
  • Machine Weight: Approx. 25 kg

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Halot-Mage 8K SLA 3D Printer
Halot-Mage 8K SLA 3D Printer
13,553.25 TL + VAT
16,263.90 TL
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